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1356 Dundas St W,

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1356 Dundas St W,

Toronto, ON, M6J 1Y2

Monday to Friday

9AM - 5PM

FFOTO offers a constantly curated collection of photography presented by artists, dealers and galleries from around the world, to new & tenured art collectors alike.

Carrying the credibility of Stephen Bulger Gallery and trusted AIPAD partners, FFOTO is an art photography destination that believes in providing buyers with a trusted digital sales channel, to explore and emotionally connect with photography online.

Included on this page is a simplified outline of our purchase process and some frequently asked questions about our business. View our detailed purchase and returns policy.

How do you vet and control the quality of the art listed on FFOTO?

FFOTO seeks to engage partners that follow the highest ethical code, including advocating for representation of the art community, fair pricing, and respectful engagement with other dealers, artists and collectors. Most FFOTO dealers are members of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD).

With deep industry knowledge and global relationships, the FFOTO & Stephen Bulger Gallery team have invested years in establishing an art community based on trust and professional standards that allow artists, dealers and galleries to uniquely present and connect with buyers online.

How does FFOTO instill purchasing confidence to their customers online?

FFOTO offers an online shopping experience that provides remote confidence. All art photography is listed with a realistic preview and a thorough description and background. Like visiting art in real life, this experience was designed for buyers to browse at their leisure and take in the story behind every piece.

Similar to a gallery experience, FFOTO also offers access to its art education staff should any buyer have a question about a listing. Staff can be reached by phone at (416) 639-1512 (M-F, 9am-5pm EST) or email at

In efforts to provide a seamless purchase experience for FFOTO buyers, FFOTO offers museum quality framing upon purchase, worldwide shipping services in conjunction with partner galleries, and an uncomplicated returns policy.

What types of photography should customers expect when visiting FFOTO?

FFOTO aspires to be an online emporium offering select photographs of all types. Available works are all original photographs selected from partner dealers' active inventories. From Celebrity, Landscape, Contemporary, to Abstract, FFOTO hosts examples of all styles of still photography, providing a variety worth exploring.

Why does FFOTO only serve photography?

FFOTO is comprised of a team who possesses a range of photography backgrounds, allowing for our expertise to create a unique platform and position on photography in the industry. We believe this expertise enables us to create the go-to, trusted online source for photographs of all types.

What is FFOTO's stance on accessibility?

We believe that art should be accessible to all audiences. To that effort, we regularly audit our website and monitor design advancements in order to meet or exceed ADA compliance standards.

Congratulations! You’re ready to make your purchase. What happens next?


If you’re ready to click-and-buy with a credit card, we’ll process your secure, online transaction immediately and send you an automated response to confirm that your order has been received. Within 24 hours a representative from FFOTO will contact you to discuss optional framing details and to provide a detailed shipping quote to you. During this period you may cancel your transaction at any time for a complete refund.

Payment Plans

Sometimes an artwork you desire may exceed your available credit card limit. In that case, simply drop us a note to along with a link to the listing you’re enquiring about and we will reserve the item for you as we work out a payment plan. That artwork remains in possession of the partner dealer until it is paid off, then it will be shipped to you.


Whenever possible, our items are shipped using our preferred courier: Fedex Air. We will prepare a shipping quote for your approval; should the cost of shipping be prohibitive to you, we will cancel your purchase and issue you a hassle-free refund. You may also wish to arrange alternate pick-up or delivery instructions; just let us know what is most convenient for you.

To Frame or Not To Frame

To reduce the cost of your delivery fee, we recommend the shipment of our items in an unframed state. We securely package our artworks to guarantee that they will arrive in pristine condition. We are happy to provide detailed framing instructions free-of-charge which you can take to any reputable framer. Or, we can ship your unframed artwork directly to the framer of your choice - let us know if you’d like us to recommend a preferred framer close to where you live.

And of course, we would be thrilled to take care of the framing on our end; let us prepare a free shipping quote for you that outlines the courier cost as both a framed or unframed package.

Speaking of Framing…

Historical prints are delicate works on paper that can be especially susceptible to light damage. For that reason, we always recommend that you frame photographs purchased from FFOTO under the best UV-protective covering that your budget allows.