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1005 Langley St

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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


FFOTO is a global sales platform, connecting all people with museum-quality photographic art.

In 2015, the platform launched in partnership with the internationally respected Stephen Bulger Gallery, facilitating sales from an inventory of over 40,0000 works. Today, FFOTO offers curated selections of contemporary and classic photographic art from partner dealers including Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto/Vancouver; Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago; kontort projects, Toronto; Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montreal; Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago; and a handful of established, independent artists and artist estates.

The FFOTO team is always available to answer any question, big or small. Reach us anytime at or between 9-5 M-F, Eastern Standard Time, at (416) 639-1512.


Stephen opened his gallery in 1995 with a mandate to represent important historical, modern and contemporary photographs. Through his gallery he hosts approximately 10 exhibitions per year, participates in international art fairs, and maintains an extensive inventory.

An in-demand consultant, Stephen is a past President of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) and has served as Chair of Ryerson Image Centre’s Advisory Board. Toronto’s CONTACT Photography Festival, the largest photography event in the world, was co-founded by Stephen in 1996. He has curated over 100 solo and group exhibitions, published catalogues and books, and is invited often to lecture at international photography events.


"Gallerist Stephen Bulger, who also owns Toronto’s Stephen Bulger Gallery, started the platform FFOTO [previously FFOTOIMAGE] to make online sales exclusively for photographs, sourcing art only from colleagues and collectors he knows and trusts. “We want to make sure we’ve got firm control over the quality of what goes on the site and the accuracy of what we’re offering,” he says."

- The Clarion List, November 2017

"Possibly the most fascinating of Bulger’s endeavours is his most recent website - FFOTO [previously FFOTOIMAGE] - which serves as both an online gallery and an e-commerce platform. Developed with the same fervour and enthusiasm as his preceding gallery, FFOTO represents a new and innovative way of connecting ‘the makers’ with ‘the consumers’."

- Distillery District Magazine, April 2017

“I’ve been noticing an uptick in the volume of sales my gallery has made online,” says Stephen Bulger, founder of Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto, adding that these sales come from all over the world.

This got Bulger thinking, and the result is [previously], a new e-commerce photography platform complete with virtual galleries, set to launch in November 2016. Featuring work from Bulger’s physical gallery inventory, it adds an innovative bonus – photographers and prints that are represented by other galleries."

- British Journal of Photography, October 2016

Are you an established art dealer interested in listing photographic artworks with us?

We'd like to hear from you. Apply to join our network and we'll send you a Partner Dealer Package outlining our various partnership tiers. Become a member of our respected group of likeminded, ethical art dealers and reach new clients.

To enquire, please email: More details here.

Interested in working with us?

Candidates participating in recognized college and university collections management courses, such as Ryerson University’s Film and Photography Preservation and Collections Management Program in Toronto, are encouraged to consider FFOTO for a term placement.

All enquiries should be directed to, clearly stating in the subject line: INTERNSHIPS.