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Jody Shapiro

Zach, Owner, THE FEDERAL by Jody Shapiro

FFOTO Private Holdings ( Toronto, ON)
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  • Lockdown 2.0 is a special fundraiser in support of Toronto's Hospitality Industry. Sales proceeds will be directed to Save Hospitality and The Full Plate, organizations with a focus on supporting the hospitality industry.


    Option 1
    Framed Collectors’ Edition: $550 USD
Signed, dated, and editioned by artist, in ink, au verso
    9 x 13 ½ inch image, on 11 x 14 inch paper
    Gelatin silver print, matted with 4-ply museum board and framed in a 16 x 20 inch black wood frame with acrylic glazing
    Edition of 25
    FREE Shipping & Handling
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    Option 2
    Unlimited Edition: $100 USD

    Signed and dated by artist, in ink, au verso
    6 x 9 inch image, on 8 x 10 inch paper
    Ink jet print photo-cornered onto 11 x 14 inch, 4-ply museum board, in a protective mylar sleeve
    Edition: Unlimited
    FREE Shipping & Handling

    Local to Toronto? Curbside pickup increases the amount of your contribution

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  •  Read our interview with Jody Shapiro!

    Jody Shapiro is a filmmaker and photographer whose work has been featured in various festivals, galleries and publications around the world.

    Jody co-directed Green Porno (2008 - ) an ongoing series of short films with Isabella Rossellini about the sex lives of insects which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. He has directed and produced a number of documentaries, including How To Start Your Own Country (2010), and Burt’s Buzz (2014). Both films premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Shapiro has also produced and served as cinematographer on several works by the internationally acclaimed director Guy Maddin, including My Winnipeg, winner of the Best Canadian Feature Film award at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival and selected as one of the top ten films of that decade by Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Jody seamlessly blends his cinematic storytelling nature into the medium of photography. Green Porno: The Book, featuring Jody’s photographs, was published by HarperCollins in 2009. His earlier photo-essay documenting the centennial of famed Italian director, Roberto Rossellini, In the Name of Her Father (2006), was published in the Schirmer/Mosel book of the same name. The Canadian Embassy in Berlin acquired the series for their permanent collection.

    In 2015, Jody began his collaboration with Chef Michael Hunter, opening the restaurant Antler in Toronto, learning how to cook, and making all the pasta for the first two years. Along the way, Jody photographed their culinary journey from inside the kitchen, to the forests of Canada, all the while documenting Chef Hunter’s recipes. In 2019 the photos were featured in The Hunter Chef Cookbook released by Penguin/Random House.

    In late 2020, paralyzed by the culinary industry-wide shutdown due to Covid concerns, Jody embarked upon a photo-journalistic series showcasing how restaurants were attempting to survive the pandemic. The photographs are on view at Stephen Bulger Gallery, and available as fundraising prints through FFOTO - in both a framed Collectors' Edition limited to 25 gelatin silver prints; and an accessibly priced Unlimited Edition produced as ink jet prints, with all proceeds donated to non-profit ventures Save Hospitality and The Full Plate, organizations with a focus on supporting the hospitality industry.
    Instagram: @jodyagram

  • Lockdown 2.0: A Fundraiser in Support of Toronto's Hospitality Industry

    I am a restaurateur and a documentarian. I always knew my culinary and storytelling worlds would merge. Now seemed like the right time. My photo-essay series Lockdown 2.0, tells the behind-the-scenes story of restaurant chefs, owners, and staff, as they try to safely navigate their businesses – their livelihoods – through the operational restrictions that they face.

    Despite the daily headlines, there are stories happening at restaurants throughout Toronto that not everyone can see. At Antler, we have had to reinvent ourselves nine different times during the pandemic. It’s exhausting. Each day brings new challenges that a core group of strong people are determined to weather together. Yet the will to survive as a business (safely, profitably) is not unique. Hundreds of restaurants across the city are reinventing themselves daily. Masked chefs, now sporting an anonymous presence in the kitchen, work alongside family members and what little support staff they can afford. Dining rooms are shuttered, chairs stacked, tasting menus are being delivered in plastic containers. Creativity on the plate is diminished by the logistics of an online ordering system. Yet, inspiring culinary experiences are still being delivered.

    This is an unprecedented time in the hospitality industry and, as such, it’s an important period to document. In the near future we will look back at this lockdown as a time of change; for some it will be time of loss, for others, a time of triumph.

    Restaurants currently included in the series:
    Antler, Beast, Blackbird Bakery, Canoe, The Federal, Hawk + Chick, Labora, Lev Bakery, Rasa, Sakai Bar, Skippa, The Skyline, Uncle Mikey’s.

    Jody Shapiro, January 2021

  • Toronto Restaurant Owner Documents City's Lockdown in Stunning Photo Series, BlogTO, December 2020